Sharpening and Regrinding of Tungsten Carbide Punch and Die

We do serve the clients with re sharpening of TC ( Tungsten Carbide ) punch and Matrix Die for CNC Georg Machine in The region Saudi Arabia Qatar United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Bahrain Oman Enjoy the Regrinding of TC Punch and Die Β With TFICo. Save the Costs and Proceed with Quality Peace of mind with… Continue reading Sharpening and Regrinding of Tungsten Carbide Punch and Die

Sharpening Circular Saw Blades

We serve the market with sharpening services of Drilling Bid Re Sharpening in Following Country. TFICo. Serves Metal Working Clients for Sharpening of their tools in the Market of GCC Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Qatar Oman Kuwait Bahrain Leave the Grinding of Circular saw blades to TFICO. Sharpening Circular Saw Blades TFICo Manufactures and… Continue reading Sharpening Circular Saw Blades

Machineries – Press Brake – Shearing Machines

F ormation starts from Ideas. Projects are finished in the mind of Engineers. Engineers Start them after they finished them with Machineries, We are here to serve the market of metal Working with machineries. Solutions of bending and Shearing. We had reached to the bend of 20 mm thickness Stainless steel Sheets for satisfying customers… Continue reading Machineries – Press Brake – Shearing Machines

Manufacturer of Steel Blades & Machine Knives

M achine Knives & Steel Blades. We are responsible for what steel we use for machine knives, The Finest Allot steel with the highest CNC technology of Machineries and well trained human workmanship are at work to achieve the highest of Qualities at TFICo.  

Coolant Fluid Soap

Anti bacterial coolant liquid for industrial usage supplied by TFICO for consumption of production factories in UAE However there are dozen of provider in market, yet TFICO PROVIDES THE BEST COOLANT LIQUID. milling machine coolant Grinding machine coolant Lathe machine coolant Bandsaw machine coolant fluid Industrial saw cutting machines The importance of the coolant in… Continue reading Coolant Fluid Soap

Coolant liquid Positive Effects

Coolant Liquid Suitable for Machining Process. when it comes to controlling the machining temperature , the coolant fluids matters. Durability, Protection of Total Machine, Lasting long in containers. If the Machining is done in correctly by using the wrong coolant it will lead to surface damage and poor performance of the machined parts The Right… Continue reading Coolant liquid Positive Effects

Coolant Liquid For Grinding

TFI Presents Coolant Liquid Specialized for Grinding and Machining Purposes in UAE, Saudi Arabia,Qatar and Oman. The Application of the Coolant Fluid Substance are as follow: Improving of Surface Finishing Protecting Coolant water from Spoiling Increasing the Machinability Covering the Steel Part from Rusting Advantages of using Coolant Liquid Specialized for Grinding is to help… Continue reading Coolant Liquid For Grinding

Reduce the Cutting Surface Temperature

We do make sure about the grinding process of each and every machine knives we receive in our work shop. We are always at service of clients to have the 5 star grinding jobs for the worn out blades We do install shear blades at customers will* please inform our sales about your decision of… Continue reading Reduce the Cutting Surface Temperature

Machining Fluid

Liquids for Machining Process to have control over the residual temperature. We serve you with proper Liquid for saving your energy and power over machining hours. Removing chips and grinding the parts are required to have the suitable fluid involved. We deliver the knowledge of how to use the coolant by using the nozzles and… Continue reading Machining Fluid

Steel Blades for Lifetime Made in TFICO

L ife span of blades highly depends on the steel grades and the way it passed the heat treatment process annealing and tempering. The methods of having all processes under control for all each and every piece of blades with different design and dimensions to have the best of best steel structures in microns of… Continue reading Steel Blades for Lifetime Made in TFICO