Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Shear Blades Machine knives

Get A Quote now for your Shearing Blades Metal Working Shearing Knives Four Edge Shearing Knives for Metal Working Guillotine Machines in Steel Fabrication Factories and Iron Working Sites. We do manufacture the Precise and accurate Edge Shearing Blades Since 1965 and Are expert in installation of the Knives on...

TFI Co Bandsaw Blades in Dubai

for Your Bandsaw Machines Bandsaw Blade in Middle East Quality of Bandsaw blades for TFICo is competing with European and Japanese Brand   Each & Every tooth matters™     Applications are up to you Solutions are with us Solid Bars Round Tubes Square Tubes Bundles Engine Blocks H Beams Corners MS / SS / Aluminum

Machine Knives for Plastic and Rubber Industry

Crusher Knives Chopper Knives For Plastic Industry We do manufacture Slicer and Granulator Machine knives as well

Press Brake Tools in UAE Dubai

Hemming matrix made of pure alloy steel well hardened precisely manufactured by TFICO We share our knowledge in manufacturing of press brake tools for steel fabricators and metal working factories in United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia Oman Qatar Kuwait Hemming tools are one of the handy tools for iron manufacturing units...

Hemming tools for Press Brake Bending Machine

TFICO manufacturer of steel blades and press brake tools serves the market of MENA with hemming tools for press brake bending machine. Based on your project designs we manufacture customized tools durable and lasting long for your machineries. Saudi Arabia Qatar Oman United Arab Emirates Bahrain Kuwait Iraq Ghana ...

TFICo Circular saw knives

TFICo circular saw knives are being designed from scratch and being engineered by TFICo experts to make it ready for the finest the most accurate manufacturing possible for clients in metal working industry in the region We are at your service right at it Please contact us to have your machine...

Metalworking cutting blade by TFICo

TFICo serves the metalworking factories and establishments with cutting blades and machine knives made of finest carbon alloy steel and well tailored for the industrial machineries of customers. We are available to present you the best quality in steel and hardened cutting edge

Well polished “V” grooves Bending Matrix by TFICo 

Well polished V grooves Matrixes for press brake machine bending purpose and female die press brake tools made by TFICo

Beyeler Euro, Safran Style Press Brake Punch

Beyeler Safran Old fashion design of Press brake punch for bending Purposes, We have the honor of serving clients with Safran Euro design of Press brake tooling, Made by TFICo Available in Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Qatar Kuwait Oman