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To Attend  Training Courses and Internship Programs  Send your CV(resume) to Maryam@tfico.com Subject needs to be  Attending Internship Courses 

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In this Page TFI Experts Share their information for the mechanical operations which are having Steel Blades and Machine Knives Involved

The list are as Follow

  1. Shearing Operation
  2. Bending Operation
  3. Punching Operation
  4. Slitting Operation



Sharpening Circular Saw Blades

We serve the market with sharpening services of Drilling Bid Re Sharpening in Following Country. TFICo. Serves Metal Working Clients for Sharpening of their tools in the Market of GCC Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Qatar Oman Kuwait Bahrain Leave the Grinding of Circular saw blades to TFICO. Sharpening Circular Saw Blades TFICo...

Re Sharpening Shear Blades Tungsten Carbide in laid

Re Sharpening Shear Blades Tungsten Carbide in laid We do resharpening of Tools Tungsten  Carbide in laid blades Punch and Dies and tools for Accurate machinery for Silicon sheets   The Quality is the Value we exert efforts to keep it always as the highest priorities TFICo Manufacturer of Machine Knives and Steel...
Quality of Tungsten Carbide Grinding is the Highest Ranking of All Time

Sharpening and Regrinding of Tungsten Carbide Punch and Die

We do serve the clients with re sharpening of TC ( Tungsten Carbide ) punch and Matrix Die for CNC Georg Machine in The region Saudi Arabia Qatar United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Bahrain Oman Enjoy the Regrinding of TC Punch and Die  With TFICo. Save the Costs and Proceed with...

Grinding Shearing Blades in UAE For GCC region

Re Sharpening of Shearing Blades Circular Saw Circular Blades TC Blades we do the grinding and serving the clients in sharpness of their guillotine blades for the region of GCC.Saudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesQatarOmanKuwaitBahrain Fine Polishing and Precise Grinding of Shearing Blades for Metal working Guillotine Machines. in Dubai. View this post on Instagram #tungstencarbide #tungstencarbideinlaide #noteveryonecancookthesteel #tfico #resharpening #toolz #заточканожей...

Re-sharpening Precisely Tungsten Carbide Notching Knives

We serves the Clients with Re sharpening of Shear blades and Notching Knives for Cutting Hard Materials on CNC machines. TFI Is proud to have High Numbers are Valuable Loyal Customers for resharpening their Georg Machine Shear and Notching Blades in the Following Region: Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Qatar   The twins set themselves...
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