Zig Zag Steel Blade

We Serve the food production industry with Zig Zag Cutters. Steel Blades and Machine knives which has most durable life span on the 24/7 running machines. Although the Market Knows TFI Co. as the Quality Manufacturer We never Compromise the  Effectiveness of our Products. Customers are number one. TFI Co. Prioritize the Orders of Clients by Maximizing the output of the Company

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Food Industry Demand Best of Alloy steel for the Zig Zag Cutters and Comb blades While TFICo serves the Market with the required Heat treatment of Steel and best material compositions

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European Quality Eastern Prices the two main factor of TFICo Success in the Market.

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TFI is proudly serving the Factories with the consulting in Cutting and Increasing the efficiencies of the Cutting machines.

The most extraordinary Blades of the Years!




Machine Knives TFICo.

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