EID Mubarak

Company LLC BEL TFI Wishes you EID Mubarak and May God shower you and your respcted family with his blessings and gifts. May the spirit of EID al Fitr illuminate your path and lead you to righteousness. EID Mubarak!

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Machining Fluid

Liquids for Machining Process to have control over the residual temperature. We serve you with proper Liquid for saving your energy and power over machining hours. Removing chips and grinding the parts are required to have the suitable fluid involved. We deliver the knowledge of how to use the coolant by using the nozzles and the direction of coolant liquid.

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“understanding of the coolant process and the advantage of different coolants are the key information we deliver our clients”

We Serve the machine shops with Coolant Liquids for their Machining parts helps the machine not get rusted and preventing burning of the machine tools and the work pieces. The Most Effective mixture of water and coolant fluid for reducing the high fatigue life of tools.