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Company LLC BEL TFI Wishes you EID Mubarak and May God shower you and your respcted family with his blessings and gifts. May the spirit of EID al Fitr illuminate your path and lead you to righteousness. EID Mubarak!

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Reduce the Cutting Surface Temperature

We do make sure about the grinding process of each and every machine knives we receive in our work shop. We are always at service of clients to have the 5 star grinding jobs for the worn out blades

We do install shear blades at customers will* please inform our sales about your decision of shear blades installation in UAE(Duabi , Abu dhabi) or in saudi arabia demmam or riyadh, Muscat Oman. to have the latest update please call +971 50 70 26784

Coolant in the Process of TFI grinding is the crucial parameter which we always look after and have our own premium quality manufacturers for this process and the liquid of grinding.

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Let’s have the blades sharp in each 3 month to make sure the sustainability of machine and health of a well planned production by TFICO.

“Best Griding Jobs in UAE with TFICo”

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Special Stones for Grinding Made Exclusively for TFIComapny to enhance the surface finishing of Steel blades and press brake tools in TFI Workshop.

Available in UAE Saudi arabia Qatar oman bahrain and kuwait


We make sure the coolant and grinding wheel are matching to reduce the temperature of grinding portion. Not to change the hardness of knives and increase the life span of blades.