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Company LLC BEL TFI Wishes you EID Mubarak and May God shower you and your respcted family with his blessings and gifts. May the spirit of EID al Fitr illuminate your path and lead you to righteousness. EID Mubarak!

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Bottom Bending Tools for 4-Way Dies in UAE

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Manufacturer of Steel BLADES since 1965

We are Manufacturer since 1965 for Steel BLADES and part of our products are being served on companies where they use Press Brake Machine hydraulic or electronic and they use our steel bending metrics four-way for their metal sheet bending and we are serving more than 3000 metal factory steel fabrication units in United Arab Emirates Dubai Sharjah Abu Dhabi UAE and we are proud that our customers are happy using our high-quality bending matrices.

Supplier of Best Quality Raw Materials

We are choosing the best raw material from the top provider of alloy steel around the globe to manufacture press size V Grooves matrices bending die with 30° 85° 45° and acute angle.

Stock of Bending Dies

We have a stock of bending dies for light working Press Brake Tools delivery to Sharjah. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in knowing more about our stock level.

4way Multi V Press brake Lower Die for Bending metal sheets – UAE – Dubai – TFI CO