EID Mubarak

Company LLC BEL TFI Wishes you EID Mubarak and May God shower you and your respcted family with his blessings and gifts. May the spirit of EID al Fitr illuminate your path and lead you to righteousness. EID Mubarak!

Best Regards
TFI Co. Holding

EasyCut Plastic Bottle Cap Perforation Blades in Oman

We Ensure High-Quality Sealed and Easy-to-Open Plastic Bottle Caps

Leading Steel Blade Manufacturer

We are a manufacturer specializing in steel blades, with a focus on producing blades for perforating plastic bottle caps. Our goal is to ensure that these caps are easy to open while maintaining a perfect seal.

Crucial Functionality

The functionality of our blades during the cutting process is of utmost importance. Precision machining is key to ensuring that our steel blades deliver the right perforation on plastic bottle caps, guaranteeing high-quality seals that are easy to open.

Precision Perforation Knives

The distance between each pitch on our perforation knives for bottle caps is meticulously crafted to be sharp and precise. At TFI Co., we take pride in the precision of our blades, ensuring they meet the highest standards for quality and performance.

Perforation arc blades for plastic bottle cap Oman TFI Co