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Exporting Rebar Cutting Knives to Egypt

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TFI Co. – Leading Manufacturer of Steel Blades for Construction Industries

High-Quality Steel Blades for Metal Working

TFI Co. is a renowned manufacturer of steel blades specifically designed for metal working in construction industries. Our blades are made of premium quality alloy steel that is heat treated for durability and precision cutting. We export our knives to Egypt to support the development of construction factories in the region.

Precision-Crafted Blades for Cutting Reinforcement Bars

We have been manufacturing cutting blades since 1965 and specialize in producing knives for various machines such as Italian OScam TM, European machines, and American machines used for cutting reinforcement bars. Our range includes blades for bend and cut machines, crafted from different dimensions and sizes to suit a variety of rebar materials.

Enhancing Production Efficiency with TFI Blades

Manufacturing lines and production factories across the globe rely on cut and bend machines to streamline their operations. By utilizing TFI’s high-quality blades, these industries enhance the efficiency of their production lines for cutting and bending reinforcement bars. TFI blades are known for their precision and durability, making them an ideal choice for steel processing.

Get in Touch for Bulk Orders

If your factory is located in Egypt and you are looking to purchase steel knives in bulk quantities at competitive prices, TFI Co. is the right choice for you. Contact us today using the chat button on this page or scan the QR code on the image to place your order. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our contact us page to get in touch with our sales team. TFI Co. is committed to providing high-quality alloy steel blades for reinforcement bars at affordable prices.


Rebar Cutting Blades TFI Co for Egypt