Steel Blades for Lifetime Made in TFICO

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ife span of blades highly depends on the steel grades and the way it passed the heat treatment process annealing and tempering. The methods of having all processes under control for all each and every piece of blades with different design and dimensions to have the best of best steel structures in microns of scales led TFICo. to gain the reputation of being No 1 in middle east for manufacturing of Steel Blades and Machine Knives.tfico, middle east,Industriemesser, Maschinenmessern, Tafelscherenmesser, uae,comb, blade, machine , knives, steel, blades, food ,zig zag , cutter, saudi, sheffield , moscow, qatar, doha, ice cream , chocolate

“No. 1 Manufacturer of Steel Blades and Machine Knives in Middle East “

tfico not every one can cook the steel alloy steel TFICO - remscheid - uk - Sheffield

We Do manufacture More than 12,000 only types of Steel Blades, Machine knives and Press Brake Tools. press, brake, tools, machine knives, tfico, uae , hemming, bending , uae , Dubai, bender, bend, pressbrake, The Grades of steel TFI Co Choose is the greatest achievement of Grand Dastouri over time in his records for next Generations helped the sustainability of TFI Group.plastic, rubber, cutter, tfico, machine , knives, uae, press brake , tools , saudi, qatar, steel, alloy, carboin, hardened, durable , remscheid, damstdat, sheffeild, tokoyo, sydney


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