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Light-duty kitchen industry bending matrix with multiple V grooves in Saudi Arabia

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Press Brake Tools and Accessories by TFI Co.

Manufacturing Quality Bending Tools for Kitchen Industry

TFI Co. specializes in manufacturing bending tools and accessories for the kitchen industry, offering a wide variety of bending matrices in different dimensions. Our bending dies are tailored to meet the specific requirements of stainless steel manufacturers and interior factories within the kitchen industry. We also offer bending dies with rollers to prevent marking on the stainless steel sheets. Additionally, we provide Anti-mark films for press brake machines and tools, ensuring high-quality results for our customers in Saudi Arabia. We take pride in customer satisfaction and maintain stock availability for standard tools and Mark-proof films.

Customization and Technical Requirements

If you require customized bending tools, we request profile drawings of your company for the next project involving metal sheet bending. Providing us with dimensions and technical details will enable us to deliver high-quality services tailored to your specific needs. Our sales team is ready to assist you and ensures effective communication by introducing yourself and your inquiries thoroughly.

Enhancing Metal Fabrication Processes

TFI Co. is committed to providing top-quality bending dies for metal fabrication and steelworking companies. By enhancing your manufacturing line for bending metal sheets, especially for interior design and kitchen fabrication projects, we aim to meet your needs effectively. Our tools undergo proper heat treatment and accurate machining using CNC machines to ensure precision and durability.

Diverse Range of Bending Dies

Explore our website to discover the various types of bending dies available, suitable for different press brake bending machines. We offer a diverse range of bending tools to cater to a wide range of metal fabrication needs, ensuring that you find the perfect solution for your press brake operations.

Bending Matrix press brake tools TFI Co. EXPORT TO Saudi Arabia

Bending Matrix press brake tools TFI Co. EXPORT TO Saudi Arabia

Saudi European Press Brake Tools

TFI offers European-designed Promecam press brake tools for standard clamping in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi European Press Brake Tools

Bending Matrixes in different styles for Saudi Arabia from TFI Co.