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Rebar Cutting Blades and Shear Knives for Saudi Arabia Industrial Use

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Are you looking for sheer knives for cut to length For rebar machines made in Italy?

We are manufacturing Shear knives in square, rectangle, and other shapes, especially dedicated to reinforcement bars. Our Shear blades are made for Italian machines in the rebar industry. We carefully select the best alloy steel for durable and economic material, ensuring high quality and premium results. Our blades are made of lawyer steel with perfect heat treatment for cutting precision.

TFI Co., a manufacturer of Steel blades since 1965, exports shear blades to various cities in Saudi Arabia such as Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah. We encourage you to upload your drawings on our website. Please note that we have a minimum order quantity for production in the rebar industry.

You can easily start chatting with us using the chat button on this website or scan the QR code images on this page to get in touch. We are interested in learning about the raw material of your rebar reinforcement bar to choose the best lawyer steel and select the optimal degree of heat treatment (HRC) for the blades in your factory, guaranteeing their longevity meets your expectations.

For our clients in Saudi Arabia, we serve them through the United Arab Emirates and ship directly to the city where your factory is located. Do you have samples of your blades, drawings of your knives, or the simple length, width, and thickness dimensions of your knives? These are essential details we would like you to be prepared to answer for our representative specialist.

Shear knives Oscam Saudi Arabia TFI Co.

Oscam tm shear knives rebar cutting Saudi Arabia TFI Co