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Sash press brake tooling from TFI Co. – Industrial supplier in UAE

Sash Press Brake Tools TFI Co. SUPPLIER UAE

Sash press brake tools are designed for sensitive tasks such as bending metal sheets for computer parts, control panel parts, metal cabinets, electrical boxes, metal shelves, and metal wardrobes. The bending tools are specifically crafted for hydraulic press brake machines using precise CNC milling and grinding techniques. Each tool is heat-treated in a calibrated oven to ensure durability and accuracy, allowing for bending angles of 86 to 90 degrees or higher.

We offer a range of standard segmented tools with varying sizes including 300mm, 200mm, 50mm, 40mm, 20mm, 15mm, 10mm, and 835mm segments. If you require customized segment sizes, simply provide us with your specifications, and we can manufacture the tools accordingly to meet your specific needs.

With a ready stock of standard tools, we can deliver quickly to customers in the UAE, allowing you to save time and effectively plan ahead for your machine operations. Our efficient delivery services ensure that you have the necessary tools on hand when you need them.

Sash bending punch for hydraulic press brake machines 86 degree – TFI Co. – UAE

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