Bend And Cut Steel Blades – UAE

Bend and Cut Steel Blades – UAE

We provide Customer of Manufacturing Bend and Cut Iron Rebar with Hardened Tools for OSCAM™ and MPR™ Machineries to have the best outcome of their factory and minimize the down time of their machineries

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TFICO is proud to serve the market with the most durable blades and machine knives for steel and iron working industry in construction fields in GCC and Russian market

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Rebar machine Tools for Cut and Bend reinforcement Industry in the market of GCC Such as

  • Saudi arabia Riyadh,
  • United Arab Emirates UAE Dubai and Abu Dhabi,
  • Qatar Doha and
  • Oman Muscat

We manufacture Steel Blades for Famous Machine Manufacturers for CNC Cut and Bend in world Such as 

  • Oscam™
  • Tecomer™
  • OF.ME.R.™
  • MPR™

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