Polar Blades

paper Knives Cutting  High quantity of paper bundles at on time with guillotine movement with using of different brands of machineries Wohlenburg Polar Schneider or many more famous brand around the globe.

experts: Sara & KatyTFI Co manufactures the blades for the paper cutting process using different alloy steel for different applications and durabilities.

“Truly High Quality, Carefully Selected Alloy Steel for paper knives”

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The importance paper blades is the edge finishing process of grinding after brazing process.


Induction hardening , solution for a better efficiency

TFICO Technology to manufacture the blades and making the edge specifically hardened is the key to win the competition in the alloy steel hardening market


Industriemesser, Maschinenmessern, Tafelscherenmesser,Perforation Knives are the complementary Products Customers might use in their production