Friday, May 20, 2022

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Press Brake Machine 4000mm 200Tons

Press Brake Machine 4000mm 200Tons Award winning press brake machine made by TFI Co. for Metal working steel fabrication industries bending sheet. Air bend for Stainless Steel Mild Steel Sheets AirBend - Punching - 4 Way Matrix Strong Super Body TFI Co minds the Strength of machines over...

Razor Steel Blades in Dubai (UAE)

Do you need razor blades for your production line to cut the raw materials? We as TFI Company serves the market with razor blades and coated razor blades in Dubai United Arab Emirates
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Crusher Knives for Plastic Industry

Steel Blades and Crusher knives for Plastic Industry. We manufacture Granulator Knives and steel blades for different industries to have the life span in the machine of customers , The best hardening process done on the machines knives makes the perfect choice of alloy...
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Machine Knives – By TFICo

Steel Blades made of alloy steel for increasing the hardness of cutters and creating better steel structure between alloy clusters are the main part of each machines performance. TFICo manufacturer of steel blades and machine knives manufactured more than 12,000types of blades and tools...
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TFICo Press Brake Tools made the bending operations easier.  "TFI Vee" the Ultimate technology of the day are far ahead of customers expectations serving the factories in metal working industries In one Stroke Making the U Channels at one time