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TFICO Manufactures Bending Punch and Bending Matrix for Export to United Arab Emirates

TFICO manufactures a variety of bending punches and bending matrices for export to the United Arab Emirates. One of the goods exported to the UAE is a gooseneck punch designed for bending narrow U channels in metalworking fabrication factories across the UAE. We offer three different standards specialized for gooseneck purposes in our stock. The segmented size of 835mm and a total length of 3,200mm are readily available. You can check stock availability through our online chat, where we are always ready to respond to your inquiries promptly.

High-Quality Goose Neck Bending Punch Made of Premium Alloy Steel

Our goose neck bending punches are crafted from high-quality premium alloy steel. These tools are specifically designed for bending metal sheets like stainless steel and mild steel. They are optimized to work with European design clamping systems as well as Amada clamping equipment.

Specialization in European Design and Amada Clamping

At TFICO, we are known for our specialization in manufacturing tools for European design clamping and Amada clamping systems. With a history dating back to 1965, we have been producing steel blades for over 12,000 types of applications. Our gooseneck punches for Amada-TM machines are among the steel blades we offer to meet the specific needs of metalworking industries.

Contact Us for Your Steel Fabrication Tools

If you are in need of top-quality tools for your steel fabrication factory, do not hesitate to contact us at TFICO. We are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient tools to enhance your metalworking processes. Reach out to us now and secure the tools you need for your operations.

Gooseneck stock punches for UAE Dubai TFI Co.

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