Power Press machines

We serve the Market with Power Press machine as well as Dies progressive Dies for Producing Metal Working Cable Channels and Cable Trays Die Set and Machine Power press Middle East Region Saudi Arabia Oman United Arab Emirates Qatar We cover the region

M42 Bandsaw Blades Available in Saudi

TFICo is honored to serve Saudi Market with High Quality Bandsaw Blade for the best durable life span, we serve customers with fully knowledge of having the best of use from bandsaw blades. Bi Metal bandsaw Blades manufactured with highest technology of day with very reasonable price in Middle East Market

Shear Blades Guillotine Knives

Previous Next Get A Quote now for your Shearing Blades Top Shear Blade Shear Blades with two cutting edges for purpose of being upper blade and move in swing direction to make the cutting with aid of keeping the sheets straight after the cut Bottom Shear Blade Bottom Shear Knives with Tapped Holes with M10,… Continue reading Shear Blades Guillotine Knives

Bandsaw Blades G.C.C.

Bandsaw Blades, the sweetest Bandsaw Blades Sweetable Prices for All industries. Available for you By TFICO. We study. Continuously. We started our Own Manufacturing line. You will Enjoy the durability of the belt-saw, the joint will resist under high tensions.  UAE Customers are enlightened with Best Quality of the TFICo. Steel Bandsaw Blades have the best… Continue reading Bandsaw Blades G.C.C.

Straight Bending Punch – Press Brake Tools

Straight bending Punches for regular and simple tasks made by TFI Co. is available for the Customers in the region. Press brake Tools Acute bending punches with 30˚ (degree) angle and Straight bending punches for performing the bends of Metal sheets Made By TFICo. We Can manufacture based on your design of U Channels of… Continue reading Straight Bending Punch – Press Brake Tools

Gooseneck Punch Bending Tools

Gooseneck Punch Bending Tools Gooseneck Punch? Let TFI Serve you with the TFI Gooseneck Punches and offer you the Best choice of Upper bending tools for press brake machine while you need to make your U Channels with your press brake machine. The design of U Channel from you. The Solution of Punch and gooseneck shape… Continue reading Gooseneck Punch Bending Tools

Meat Band Saw Blades

Band saw blade for Meat Cutting In GCC. TFI Serves the Clients in Meat production with their bandsaw blades.

TIN Coated Circular Saw Blade

TFI Co Circular saw blade made of HSS (high speed steel )   “Durability on machines are the first responsibility of our blades”    

Bread Cutting Blades

B read Cutting Blade? If you produce Bread Products or Machineries for Bread Products we May have lot to talk, Shared variety of Common Interest in the Business of Steel Blades They Say TFI has the best of Qualities While keeping the Prices the lowest Possible. We Do our Best and results are shown in… Continue reading Bread Cutting Blades

Zig Zag Steel Blade

We Serve the food production industry with Zig Zag Cutters. Steel Blades and Machine knives which has most durable life span on the 24/7 running machines. Although the Market Knows TFI Co. as the Quality Manufacturer We never Compromise the  Effectiveness of our Products. Customers are number one. TFI Co. Prioritize the Orders of Clients… Continue reading Zig Zag Steel Blade